Triad Adult & Pediatric Medicine High Point Practices Merges

Michelle Lewis, CEO

Friday, August 7, 2015

Federally Qualified Health Center Merges Pediatric and Adult Services in High Point North Carolina to provide a Family Medicine Atmosphere...

As part of a long range strategic plan to provide quality health care to parents and their children, Triad Adult and Pediatric Medicine, Inc. (TAPM), a federally qualified health center begins the process to restructure and relocate clinical care services in High Point, North Carolina. Triad Adult and Pediatric Medicine is the only federally qualified health center in Guilford County, serving children and adults on a sliding fee regardless of the patient's ability to pay.



In November 2010, Guilford Child Health, Inc., HealthServe Community Health Clinic and High Point Adult Health merged to become Triad Adult and Pediatric Medicine, Inc. This new structure allowed for more efficient delivery of medical services to children and adults who traditionally received health insurance coverage through Medicaid, Medicare, NC Health Choice, or other government sponsored programs.


Pediatric and adult services merger

Effective September 1, 2015 TAPM's High Point Adult Medicine office located at 624 Quaker Lane Suite 100-C, High Point NC, will  merge  its services with  the Pediatrics  at Commerce office, located at 400 E. Commerce Street in High Point, NC. This move will allow children and their parents to receive their primary medical care at the same medical office. This move will not change the current medical services that patients receive; this will allow for enhanced and improved access to the current services.

As a federally qualified community health center with offices in Guilford and Rockingham Counties, TAPM has been the recipient of nearly $1,000,000 in federal funds that have aided the local communities. TAPM is the medical home to over 26,000 patients in Guilford and Rockingham County North Carolina. These patients generated approximately 62,000 patient visits during Fiscal Year ending June 2015.


Pharmacy Services

Triad Adult and Pediatric Medicine, Inc. also operates three (3) 340b pharmacies in Guilford County, NC (2 in Greensboro and 1 in High Point). With the merger of the Pediatric and Adult Practices, TAPM is exploring a possible collaboration with the Guilford County Health Department pharmacy in High Point, NC to insure TAPM patients with incomes less than 200% of the federal poverty guidelines are able to receive their prescriptions at a discounted rate.


Our future and needed support

As healthcare evolves, it is the goal of TAPM to continue to provide healthcare services with quality, compassion and respect, in a cost-effective manner. Triad Adult and Pediatric Medicine’s board of directors are taking a fresh look at the way business is conducted; and is eager to take the necessary steps that will assure that TAPM has a long future in the community.

Triad Adult and Pediatric Medicine, Inc. would like to personally thank the many providers and staff along with past and present community supporters. Your continued support is needed as we go through this transformation process.



Michelle Lewis, CMPE, Interim CEO

Triad Adult & Pediatric Medicine

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